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Committed to Excellence

With over 40 years’ combined experience, Acute Services help clients to solve any problems big or small on projects ranging from works in one house to large multi million pound estates and offices.

At Acute, we tailor our services for every client as we know every client has unique needs and problems. Because of this approach, we are able to jump in wherever we are needed, whether at the inception of the project, while a project is ongoing or post completion.

We seamlessly integrate with clients to allow their teams to focus on their day to day affairs while we deal with cumbersome problems which were affecting a team’s productivity.  

Our team are professionally qualified and have worked in the Construction Industry for several years as Board Directors and Senior Managers on multi million pound New Build and Maintenance Projects. This means that we have a veritable wealth of knowledge and skill to advise clients with and perform difficult, sensitive tasks for them.

Reputation is everything in the Construction industry which is why we develop strong relationships with our clients and we consistently perform to a high standard to maintain them. Thanks to these relationships, when called upon, we are able to quickly mobilise and perform from day one.

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